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Efficient And Reliable Electric Industrial Furnaces

Industrial electric furnaces, mainly used in batch production and continuous production. Suitable for research institutes and enterprises.
Industrial electric furnaces are used in advanced ceramics, electronic components, semiconductors, 3D printing, medical, new energy, aerospace, military and other fields.

Differentiate Between Various Types Of Electric Industrial Furnaces

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

Customize Electric Industrial Furnaces To Specific Requirements

With an R&D team of over 13 people and experience in customizing over hundreds of furnaces.
Size, atmosphere, vacuum, heating element, appearance customization available
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Overview Of Various Industries That Utilize Electric Industrial Furnaces

Why Choose Facerom Electric Industrial Furnace?

Over 10 years of experience, accessories from famous international brands, annual R&D investment of more than 2 million RMB, having served top brands in various industries, the furnace has a good reputation in the Chinese market.
Electric furnaces have served industries such as advanced ceramics, electronic components, semiconductors, 3D printing, battery materials, aerospace, and carbon materials.

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Latest News Of Electric Industrial Furnace
boride ceramics powder.png
New Advances in Ultra-High Temperature Ceramic Powder

Recently, the team of researcher Li Yue from Institute of Solid State, Hefei Institute of Materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), in cooperation with the team of Prof. Zhang Xinghong from Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), has made a new progress in the preparation of ultrafine, high purity

formnext and PM South China.png
Formnext and PM South China 2023

The Shenzhen International Additive Manufacturing, Powder Metallurgy and Advanced Ceramics Exhibition will be held on August 29-31, 2023 at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (SICEC), and the Facerom team has been invited to participate in this exhibition at booth D121

5th Precision Ceramics and.png
The 5th Precision Ceramics & IGBT Exhibition

2023 The 5th Precision Ceramics Exhibition and IGBT Industry Chain Exhibition, will be held on August 29-31 in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, Hall 8.

ito 1200x800 pix.png
China ITO Targets Market Analysis

ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) target is a compound target composed of three elements: tin, indium, and oxygen. It has excellent conductivity, transparency, and chemical stability, and is widely used in LCD,PDP,OLED.

Facerom was established in 2014, and the company is located in Hefei, one of the four major scientific and educational cities in China.

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