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The 5th Precision Ceramics & IGBT Exhibition

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The 5th Precision Ceramics & IGBT Exhibition

2023 The 5th Precision Ceramics Exhibition and IGBT Industry Chain Exhibition, will be held on August 29-31 in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, Hall 8.

The main contents of this exhibition are:

1,IGBT industry chain:

Materials: ceramic liner (DBC, AMB), encapsulated tube shell, bonding wire, heat dissipation substrate (copper, aluminum silicon carbide AlSiC), thermally conductive silicone gel, solder (pre-fabricated soldering pads), silver film/silver paste, heat sinks, power lead-in terminals, housing engineering plastics (PPS, PBT, high temperature nylon) and so on;

Equipment and accessories: 

vacuum welding furnace, placement machine, solid crystal machine, X-ray, push-pull test machine, cleaning equipment, ultrasonic scanning equipment, dynamic and static test machine, glue filling machine, vertical curing furnace, ultrasonic welding machine, power cycle test equipment, marking machine, jigs and so on;

2,ceramic devices and materials: 

MLCC, LTCC, HTCC, barium titanate, barium carbonate, titanium oxide, raw ceramic tape, LTCC dielectric ceramic powder, rare earth oxides, automotive ceramics and so on;

3, precision ceramics: 

smart wearable ceramics, structural ceramics, high-temperature ceramics, ceramic beads new energy ceramics, ceramic bearings and so on;

4,ceramic substrates: DPC, DBC, AMB, HTCC substrate, LTCC substrate, alumina, aluminum nitride, silicon nitride, beryllium oxide powder and substrate, etc.;

5,Metal materials: 

silver powder, gold powder, copper powder, nickel powder, solder, internal/external electrode paste for MLCC, LTCC silver paste, gold paste, tungsten paste, etc;


dispersants, adhesives, plasticizers, flocculants, mineralizers, defoamers, lubricants for ceramic and conductive pastes, etc;


sand mills, dry presses, mills, slicers, laser equipment, ball mills, spray granulators, casting machines, punching machines, hole filling machines, printing machines, stacking machines, laminating machines, isostatic presses, debinding ovens, sintering furnaces, plating equipment, network analyzers, appearance testing, ultrasonic scanning microscope, automation equipment, measuring packages of knitting machines, injection molding machines, molds, precision engraving machines, silver spraying machines, silver dipping machines, Coating equipment, sorting equipment, etc;


release film, bearer plate, bearer net, foam adhesive, grinding consumables, refractory materials, precision screen, cleaning agent, etc..

Facerom was established in 2014, and the company is located in Hefei, one of the four major scientific and educational cities in China.

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