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Pre-Oxidation Furnace for Carbon Fiber

  • FTY

  • 1~5

  • 1000-12000mm

  • 100℃~300℃

  • 400℃

  • 100-1000mm



For the pre-oxidation process of viscose based carbon fiber, asphalt based carbon fiber and PAN based carbon fiber. Adopting unique hot air circulation structure, advanced return air channel design makes the oxygen content of the furnace chamber sufficient and the temperature of the airflow in the furnace uniform, achieving a temperature field uniformity of +1.5°C, thus ensuring consistent oxidation density of the whole filament bundle.


1. Three different blowing methods according to the output requirements to ensure that the linear macromolecular chain of the original filament is transformed into a heat-resistant ladder structure after pre-oxidation treatment, which does not melt or burn and ensures that the fiber form does not change when carbonized at high temperature.

2. The internal chamber is all made of anti-corrosion stainless steel structure, with high cleanliness, beautiful appearance and solid structure.

3. All fiber super light material heat insulation and heat preservation, overall low energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection. It is the ideal equipment for producing high performance carbon fiber material.


The equipment is non-standard customized.

Technical Data

Pre-Oxidation Furnace Technical Data



Max. Temperature


Working Temperature


Temperature Zones


Furnace Opening Height


Filament Bundles

5-7 Layers

Heating Zone Length


Heating Elements

Explosion-Proof Heater

Wind Speed


Heating Method

Electric Heating

Fire Fighting Medium


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