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Our products are widely used in laboratory, aerospace, materials, electronics, chemical and heat treatment fields.We can provide professional heat treatment solutions according to the customer's industry.
  • Advanced Ceramics
    Advanced ceramics usually refer to ceramics that use high-purity, ultra-fine synthetic or selected inorganic compounds as raw materials, have precise chemical composition, precise manufacturing and processing technology and structural design, and have excellent properties. Advanced ceramics can be d Read More
  • 3D Printing
    3D printing is called additive manufacturing. First, a computer is used to build a three-dimensional model of the product and slice it. According to the slice data of each layer, the software controls the print head to print layer by layer, and the thin layer material is stacked layer by layer from Read More
  • Semiconductor
    Semiconductor refers to a material whose electrical conductivity is between a conductor and an insulator at room temperature and whose electrical conductivity is controllable, and the semiconductor mentioned in our daily life basically refers to the use of semiconductors in integrated circuits, cons Read More
  • Electronic Components
    Electronic components are components of electronic components and small machines and instruments. They are often composed of several parts and can be used in congeneric products; they often refer to some parts of electrical appliances, radios, instrumentation and other industries, and are capacitors Read More
  • Carbon Material
    Carbon materials are better than other materials in terms of hardness, optical properties, heat resistance, radiation resistance, chemical resistance, electrical insulation, electrical conductivity, surface and interface properties, etc. It can be said that carbon materials include almost all substa Read More
  • Laboratory/University
    Facerom's electric furnace products serve many disciplines such as materials, physics, chemistry, and nuclear energy. The technical team is led by a doctor from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and an associate professor from the University of Science and Technology of China, and has established long Read More
  • New Energy
    New energy, also known as unconventional energy, refers to various forms of energy other than traditional energy, and refers to energy that has just begun to be developed and utilized or is being actively researched and yet to be promoted.) depletion is of great significance.Its various forms are di Read More
  • Aerospace
    In addition to high stress and inertial force, aerospace materials also experience shock loads and alternating loads caused by factors such as takeoff and landing, engine vibration, high-speed rotation of rotating parts, maneuvering flight, and sudden winds. Engine gas and solar radiation cause the Read More
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Laboratory Furnaces

Facerom's business philosophy is "customer-oriented, winning customers' trust with quality".

Industrial Furnaces

Facerom's business philosophy is "customer-oriented, winning customers' trust with quality".

OEM Furnaces

Facerom's business philosophy is "customer-oriented, winning customers' trust with quality".
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Facerom was established in 2014, and the company is located in Hefei, one of the four major scientific and educational cities in China.

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