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10 Zones Gradient Tube Furnace

1000℃ Atmosphere Chamber Furnace

1100℃ Atmosphere Tube Furnace

1100℃ Chamber Ashing Furnace

1100℃ Chamber Furnace

1100℃ Debinding Furnace

1100℃ Laboratory 50mm Tube Furnace

1100℃ Laboratory Chamber Furnace

1100℃ Pre-sintering Furnace

1100℃ Vacuum Atmosphere Chamber Furnace

1100℃ Vertical Tube Furnace

1100℃ Well Furnace

12 Zones Sintering Furnace

120mm Atmosphere Tube Furnace

1300℃ Chamber Furnace

1300℃ Debinding and Sintering Combi Chamber Furnace

1300℃ Debinding Furnace

1300℃ Sintering Furnace

1400℃ Chamber Furnace

1600℃ Chamber Atmosphere Furnace

1700℃ Chamber Furnace

1700℃ Gradient Tube Furnace

1700℃ Lab Muffle Furnace

1800℃ Chamber Furnace

1800℃ Muffle Furnace

200mm Tube Furnace

25.FRA Series Polyimide Furnace

250mm Tube Furnace

3 Zones Atmosphere Tube Furnace

3 Zones Tube Furnace

50mm Tube Furnace

7 Zones Sintering Furnace

8 Zones Chain Vitrification Furnace

8 Zones Sintering Furnace

9 Zones Chain Sintering Furnace

advanced ceramics sintering furnace

Ashing Furnace

Ashing Muffle Furnace

Atmosphere Tube Furnace

Batch Furnace

Bell Type Sintering Furnace

Bogie Hearth Furnace

Bottom Lift Furnace

Bottom Lifting Furnace

box type furnace

Carbon Fiber Furnace

Carbon Fiber Low and Medium Temperature Carbonization Furnace

Carbonization Furnace

Chain Furnace

Chain Furnace for Glass and Metal Encapsulation

Chain Vitrification Furnaces

Chamber Ashing Furnace

Chamber Sintering Furnace

Combi Debinding and Pre-Sintering Furnace

Continuous Furnace

Continuous Kiln

Continuous Sintering Furnace

CVD Tube Furnace

debinding furnace

debinding oven

digital muffle furnace

electric muffle furnace

Electronic Component Packaging Kiln

Electronic Paste Sintering Chain Furnace

Electronic Paste Sintering Furnace

Encapsulation Furnace

Far Infrared Conveyer Furnace

Far Infrared Drying Furnace

Far Infrared Drying Kiln

FGL 1300℃ Laboratory Tube Furnace

FGL 1700℃ Laboratory Tube Furnace

Forced Convection Chamber Furnace

Forced Convection Furnace

Forced Convection oven

Gradient Tube Furnace

High Temperature Chamber Atmosphere Furnace

High Temperature Chamber Furnace

High Temperature Muffle Furnace

High Temperature Sintering Furnace

High Temperature Tube Furnace

Hot Air Circulation Debinding Furnace

Hot Air Circulation Furnace

Hot Air Convection Furnace

hydrogen fuel cell

Industrial Chamber Furnace

Industrial Tube Furnace

lab muffle furnace

Laboratory Chamber Atmosphere Furnace

laboratory chamber furnace

Laboratory Chamber Furnace 1000℃

Facerom was established in 2014, and the company is located in Hefei, one of the four major scientific and educational cities in China.

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