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The 5th Fine Ceramics and IGBT Industry Chain Exhibition

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The 5th Fine Ceramics and IGBT Industry Chain Exhibition

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Introduction: With the rapid development of automotive electronics, new energy vehicles, 5G, industry and other fields, it will generate long-term massive demand for power semiconductors, and also put forward new development requirements.

As the mainstream device of new power semiconductor devices, IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) is internationally recognized as the most representative product of the third revolution of power electronics technology, is the core component of industrial control and automation field, its role is similar to the human heart, from the 1990s Since the 1990s, the product has been developed in the direction of high current and high voltage resistance, which has put forward new development requirements on the reliability of IGBT.

The development of the semiconductor industry has led to the rapid upgrading and development of the upstream supply chain. As an important component, ceramic liner developed from direct bonding copper process (DBC) to more reliable active metal brazing process (AMB), material selection developed from alumina to nitride (aluminum nitride, silicon nitride); excellent heat dissipation performance of aluminum silicon carbide (AlSiC) as a heat dissipation substrate material has received attention; MLCC chip multilayer ceramic capacitors and other components towards small size, high reliability, etc. LTCC low-temperature co-fired ceramics, HTCC high-temperature co-fired ceramics, precision structural ceramics, semiconductor ceramics and other products are developing rapidly, greatly promoting industrial progress and creating a smarter way of life for society.

The 5th Precision Ceramics Exhibition and IGBT Industry Chain Exhibition will be held on August 29-31, 2023 in Hall 8 of Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Shenzhen Baoan New Hall). The exhibition will focus on IGBT industry and the whole industry chain such as ceramic components, ceramic substrates, structural ceramics, ceramic materials, metal materials, auxiliaries, equipment and consumables.

Exhibition scope:

1、IGBT industry chain:

Materials: ceramic liner (DBC, AMB), package tube shell, bonding wire, heat dissipation substrate (copper, aluminum silicon carbide AlSiC), thermally conductive silicon gel, solder (prefabricated solder lug), silver film/silver paste, heat sink, power lead terminal, shell engineering plastics (PPS, PBT, high-temperature nylon), etc;

Equipment and accessories: vacuum welding furnace, placement machine, solid crystal machine, X-ray, push-pull testing machine, cleaning equipment, ultrasonic scanning equipment, dynamic and static testing machine, glue filling machine, vertical curing furnace, ultrasonic welding machine, power cycle testing equipment, marking machine, jig, etc.;

2, ceramic devices and materials: MLCC, LTCC, HTCC, barium titanate, barium carbonate, titanium oxide, raw ceramic tape, LTCC dielectric ceramic powder, rare earth oxides, automotive ceramics, etc.;

3, precision ceramics: smart wearable ceramics, structural ceramics, high temperature ceramics, ceramic microbeads new energy ceramics, ceramic bearings, etc.;

4, ceramic substrates: DPC, DBC, AMB, HTCC substrates, LTCC substrates, alumina, aluminum nitride, silicon nitride, beryllium oxide powder and substrates, etc;

5, metal materials: silver powder, gold powder, copper powder, nickel powder, solder, inner/outer electrode paste for MLCC, LTCC silver paste, gold paste, tungsten paste, etc;

6, additives: ceramic and conductive pastes with dispersants, binders, plasticizers, flocculants, mineralizers, defoamers, lubricants, etc;

7, equipment: sand mill, dry press, grinding machine, slicer, laser equipment, ball mill, spray granulator, cast machine, punching machine, hole filling machine, printing machine, laminating machine, laminating machine, isostatic press, gluing furnace, sintering furnace, electroplating equipment, network analyzer, appearance testing, ultrasonic scanning microscope, automation equipment, measuring package braiding machine, injection molding machine, mold, fine engraving machine, silver spraying machine, silver dipping machine, coating equipment, sorting equipment, etc, coating equipment, sorting equipment, etc.;

8、Consumables: release film, burn-in plate, burn-in net, foam adhesive, grinding consumables, refractory materials, precision stencil, cleaning agent, etc.

Facerom was established in 2014, and the company is located in Hefei, one of the four major scientific and educational cities in China.

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