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2023 China Sodium Battery Industry Summit Forum

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2023 China Sodium Battery Industry Summit Forum

The 2023 (2nd) China Sodium Battery Industry Summit" was held in Ningbo from May 10-12!

As a manufacturer of electric furnace in new energy field, Facerom was invited to participate in this forum, our booth number is A10. Facerom brought positive/negative atmosphere sintering furnace, roasting furnace and other products.

This forum invites more than 30 experts and scholars to present the current situation and future of sodium battery from multiple angles, focusing on the R&D progress and difficulties of sodium battery's cathode, anode, electrolyte and other material systems, focusing on the core technology and engineering problems in the process of battery preparation, bringing a panoramic view and reference answers for the market development of sodium battery.

Facerom was established in 2014, and the company is located in Hefei, one of the four major scientific and educational cities in China.

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